Monday, March 30, 2009

New Name for SiTi Group

As Mon said on Saturday the Bootcampers have divided into smaller groups and as of today the Single Title girls will be known as the 'Bootcamp Betties' with our mascot as none other than Betty Boo herself. Now doesn't she look like a butt kicking chick? With the delightful and talented Elizabeth Rolls as one of our mentors the Betties seems very fitting indeed (as Jenn pointed out today). Along with Rachel Bailey and Dana Fletcher-Scully we are armed and ready.
So we will take no prisoners, leave no page unturned, no editor, agent or publisher shall be off limits as we fight for our goal of being published authors. Look out world the Betties are coming.
Happy writing.


  1. Lol, ladies. I don't think our group 'image' or 'logo' is as sexy. I think I need to rectify this asap. It's not like a competition or anything... or is it? Te he he he he.

    Btw, we miss you!!

  2. Ooooh!! Sexy. Love it! Bootcampers rock, but Bootcamp Betties dazzle.

  3. Ooooh, that's a challenge! Watch this blog, Jenn! Maiow...

  4. LOL - the competition heats up. Congrats on the name - Bootcamp Betties. And watch out for that Mon! ;))

  5. Yep, Eleni, you know me. Can't help myself... watch our Betties! *vbg*