Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mucking around with PhotoFunia

I'm still on holidays, and shouldn't even be posting messages, but just had to post about this.

My writing pal Diane Curran found this great site which allows you to play around with photos. I wasted a bit of time (i.e. TOO much time) playing around with the site, and came up with the fun pics above using moi as the subject.

My fave would have to be the magazine cover. Here's the link if you want to have a try. Have fun, and make sure you blog about the results!


  1. Oh, Monique, look what you've done. Dorkus insisted on having a go at Photofunia. And this is what he came up with

  2. Love your pics, btw! Funny thing is I did some for a writer friend and she hated all of them, including the city lights one that you have.

  3. That looks fun. I saw Diane's post and thought that would be fun. Now you too!

    Oh I feel some procrastination time coming up :)

  4. Oh I love the Glamour Mag one. I've been very good and stayed away from that site.


  5. Diane, I saw how Dorkus enjoyed the site! Lol. Very cute.

    Eleni, it's hard to resist distractions, isn't it? But all work and no play makes us dull, so we HAVE to muck around sometimes!

    Sandie, I like the mag one as well. How cool would it be to have your face on a mag? As long as it's a nice photo, not like one where you're getting up to mischief or anything! Lol.

  6. That is way kool! Even photoshop can't top that. And it doesn't sound like it took you as much time to accomplish as it would have me using Photoshop.