Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In spirit of competition...

Well, the BootCats can't be outdone by the Bootcamp Betties!! So, in the spirit of competition, meet our new mascot...

Is he WolverCat? PussyVine? JackCat?! Lol.

Grrr, ladies, he has claws. Go the BootCats!!!!


  1. ROTHLMAO. PussyVine??? Oh, poor Jack being called a pussy. I guess it is better than being called PussyFine, LOL. Mon you crack me up.


  2. Oh dear, how did I know that somehow Wolverine would become the mascot --- sorry wrong animal - Catverine? ;)) Love the BootCats name. Good luck!

  3. Lol. Am I so predictable?!

    I know he's wolve-rine, but if you squint hard enough he looks feline, and I'm sure if you listen closely he purrs *grin*