Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hands up Bootcampers

I always knew Bootcampers were special.
This week Romance Writers of Australia announced nominees for the Lynne Wilding Metorious Service Award - an annual presentation in recogniton of those who put their hands up and volunteer for our member organisation.

I'm thrilled that two of the 109'ers have been recognised. I say have been recognised becasue win or lose, just being nominated is something to be proud of ladies.

And - drum roll - in 2010 it's our own Sandie Hudson and Anita Mack. (In 2008, our great leader, Rachael, won this accolade (she deserves another one in my humble opinion).

While Sandie and Anita are still putting the spit and polish on their own works, they are shining a light for fellow RWA members.  They have their eye on their own dream of publishing, but their heart and soul focused on helping others.

On behalf of the troop - CONGRATULATIONS! We're proud of you 109'ers - and special wave to Bootcamper 101'er Helen Katsinis and other nominees: Lis Hoorweg and Serena Tatti.

Looking forward to the big announcement in August.