Friday, February 26, 2010

The thigh bone’s connected to...?

I used to think historical writers had it toughest of all.

Imagine having to make sure all the elements in your story remain true and authentic to the period. Historical writers respect their readers. They assume readers know and love the eras they set their stories in, so they make sure the details are as accurate as possible. They research, research, research.

While world building in a futuristic or paranormal story sounds easier, I’m sure ‘just making up alternate and futuristic worlds’ come with their own challenges, such as: being innovative but original and still feasible.

So what about those of us who write present day stories – the contemporary novel (set in modern times). I’m here to tell you that we have our own challenges such as: keeping up-to-date with current affairs, trends and – my big challenge – technology.

Truly...I know the thigh bone’s connected to the knee bone, but what’s my iPod connected to? Last I heard a blackberry was a fruit! Argh!

What do you write - past, present or future - and what challenges does that bring to the writing task?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bootcamp 109 - 1 Year Today!

A year ago a group of nervous ladies gathered together for an intense workout - Bootcamp style. We were whipped into shape by an outstanding line-up of fabulous presenters. After a whirlwind two days we finished with our minds bursting with new information, new friendships and a bundle of craft techniques to apply.

For me Bootcamp is the line in the sand that marks the 'before' and 'after':
* Before Bootcamp I was writing words, struggling to find my feet, thinking craft was what you did with beads and feeling my CP and I were alone in a great big ocean. * After Bootcamp I began writing stories, began to plant my feet firmly in the writing pond, had a group of friends to travel the journey with and learnt craft was there to improve your writing.

I've personally achieved more than I could imagine in the last 12 months, and it all started with that line in the sand.

Thank you to my fellow Bootcampers, the presenters and organisers who got my journey started, the BootCats who have been by my side the whole way, and especially to Rachel Bailey, who has stuck with the BootCats, giving more than was ever expected.

Bootcampers Rock!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day - Where's the Romance?

I really don't like Valentine's Day.

I know, the most romantic day of the year. But is it? The true meaning of the occasion has been lost in the commercial vacuum that today's society has become. I'm sure cardmakers, florists and chocolatiers love the day, and I bet there are people who think they do too. But why do you need a special day to show your love? Shouldn't love be a 365-day deal?

The first written Valentine's was by the imprisoned Charles, Duke of Orleans in 1415 - to his wife. He wrote over 500 poems to her, but she died before he was released, 24 years later.


Strengthen, my Love, this castle of my heart,
And with some store of pleasure give me aid,
For Jealousy, with all them of his part,
Strong siege about the weary tower has laid.
Nay, if to break his bands thou art afraid,
Too weak to make his cruel force depart,
Strengthen at least this castle of my heart,
And with some store of pleasure give me aid.
Nay, let not Jealousy, for all his art
Be master, and the tower in ruin laid,
That still, ah Love! thy gracious rule obeyed.
Advance, and give me succour of thy part;
Strengthen, my Love, this castle of my heart.

Now, that's romance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Congratulations Jenn

It’s cheers all round for fellow Bootcamper 109 and Bootcamp Bettie, Jenn McLeod who is in the finals for the RWAus Emeralds Award Single Title category.


We’ll be cheering from the sidelines for you.