Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Marion Lennox - From the heart

Just when you thought writing a great romance novel was simply about what’s written on the pages of the book, along comes Marion Lennox.

Sure... conflict is key to a romance. So is tugging on the heartstrings and battles of conscience with the hero and the heroine. And, hey, isn’t finding your own, distinct voice what makes a writer stand out?

Marion will say ‘sure that’s all important.’ But she’ll also tell you it’s about attitude.
I now realise that the 'write attitude' means tugging on your own heartstrings, battling your own conscience and writing what’s right for you, and when you find your voice – make sure you listen to it and stay true to it. (Leave the conflict in the pages - not in you.)

Marion Lennox’s Bootcamp 109 presentation had a delightfully unexpected impact on me (and the troops). I expected to learn about craft and technique. But I loved what Marion had to say about having attitude, staying true to yourself and writing the book of your heart.
So...from everyone at Bootcamp 109...thanks for the inspiration. You’ve touched some of us more than you know!

PS I was extra lucky – I got to choose Marion’s collection of romance and recipes (Sizzle, Seduce & Simmer – a sinful sweet selection by Australia’s favouite romance authors.) I’m eager to tuck in and hungry to learn from these great authors. Delicious!

Check out this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G author for yourself

Jennjmcleod – Bootcamper 109


  1. She is definitely and amazing and inspiring author. I had the privilege of being part of her workshop in the roadshow last year.

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  3. Marion was wonderful. I wish we had more time with her because I'm sure she could teach us a lot.

    Great post, Jenn!

  4. Great post Jenn. Maybe we can sweet talk Marion into another chat later down the track. LOL.


  5. Thanks for this Jenn.
    Let's hope we all have success with the book of our heart.