Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bootcampers Rock the Little Gems

What can I say but 'Huge Hugh Congratulations' to two of our bootcampers who are finalist in the Little Gem contest for RWAustralia. Fiona Gregory and Monique Wood will both have their short stories published in this years Little Gems Anthology. Fiona's short story is called 'A Happy New Year', while Monique's is 'The Boss's Wife'. Now don't they both sound interesting?

I know all Bootcampers will join me in raising their glasses to these two cleaver women. WOOHOO, Bootcampers ROCK.


  1. Thanks Sandie. When I wrote A Happy New Year it flowed really well and I had really high hopes for it. So very happy. Its true, Bootcampers Rock

  2. Aw, thanks for going to the effort of posting this, Sandie!!! Where's a semi-nude, celebratory pic of Huge Hugh?! Lol. Just kidding. You're a Little Gem yourself, Sandie *mwah*

    Fi, a vino is on me in Brissie (it won't be just before your session otherwise you'll slur your way through it!)

    Eleni, I'll buy you a drink too, lovey! Maybe a wine, not ouzo or grappa. Lol.

  3. Will be great to catch up in Brissie and toast to your & Fi's achievement. :)