Friday, March 20, 2009

The wit 'n' wisdom of Valerie Parv

‘Who needs a workshop, all we need are pix of Hugh, stripped down to bare essentials.’
Valerie Parv, Bootcamp 109 story structure workshop

The above quote gives some indication of the preoccupation of the 109 Bootcampers and of the wonderfully irreverent and wicked sense of humour of guest presenter Valerie Parv.

The acknowledged queen of romance writing in Australia, Valerie ran two sessions on story structure over the two bootcamp weekends. I mean, how lucky can you get?

There was lots of online chortling, snorting and ROFLs. But, when we weren’t having our way with ‘Huge Ackman’, Valerie pulled us into line and took us on a magical mystery tour of the ABC and D of story structure.

And what a trip it was, leading us to many lightbulb moments. In Valerie’s words ‘structure is not a prison or a formula. It’s more a roadmap to let readers explore the issues you’re developing in your story.’

We had to work hard for Valerie (and Huge). She gave us a challenging homework assignment and provided invaluable feedback in the second session.

That she gave every bootcamper her full attention is a testament to this amazing woman’s talents as a writer, teacher and mentor. She is an inspiration.

Thank you Valerie Parv.

You can find Valerie's website at


  1. Shayne, it was a great workshop with Valerie and yes, she is an inspiration. Great pot.


  2. Totally agree. Valerie's attention to each and everyone of us as participants both amazed and delighted me (even more than Hugh does - LOL)

  3. I'm smiling after reading your post. It was a great workshop, wasn't it? She's a crack up. It was brilliant, and her appreciation of Huge makes her even better, in my eyes!!!

    Sandie, great pot?! Lol.