Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dividing into groups...

The 109 Bootcampers are currently in the process of dividing into mentoring groups based on what we write, so it's a tad quiet here on the Western Front.

Four members are now in a Category group (known at the BootCats *miaow*), four members are in a Single Title group (BootSTars???), and the last two members have been 'adopted' by the 101 Bootcampers (see

We're all very excited about what's in stall for us, and will keep you posted on any interesting news. Speaking of news, congrats goes out to Anita/Ellanora Joy for coming 10th in the RWA's First Kiss competition. Yay, Anita!!
Lastly, a very special thanks goes out to the Bootcamp coordinators for taking the time and making the effort to extend our Bootcamp experience! You're all gems, ladies! We really appreciate everything you've done for us *wink*.


  1. Yeh Ditto. Nice one Mon - you're a 'little gem' yourself - get it LOL

  2. Thanks, Jenn *wink*

    It's so quiet here, it's scary!!

  3. Oh Mon, scary isn't half of it. LOL. YAY Anita/Ellanora Joy on placing 10th in the First Kiss.


  4. Good luck with the mentoring groups - what a great opportunity.