Thursday, June 4, 2009

Like cats on a hot tin roof

While Tennessee William's play - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - examines the complicated rules of social conduct in southern (USA) culture in the 1950s, some of our Bootcamp Cats (along with other RWA members) are frantically examining the complicated rules of conduct for pitching to Harlequin.

In honour of all you cats (category writers) the rest of us are thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Now here is some rather pertinent Tennessee Williams dialogue. (If you don't know - Brick (the cat) and Maggie are central characters.)

Here you go:

Maggie says, "I'll win, alright."

Brick says, "Win what? What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?"

Maggie says, "Just staying on it, I guess. As long as she can. "

Maggie then says, "And nothing's more determined than a cat on a hot tin roof. Is there? Is there, baby?"

You go Cats.


  1. Thanks Jenn! Hoping I can last on the hot tin roof - but I'll do my best.

  2. too deep and meaningful for me! Loved it anyway!

  3. Oh, Jenn, you're a classic! Beware - if the conference venue has a tin roof, the BootCats will be up there. Woo hoo!

    Thanks for the support :-)