Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June has been a pretty intense time for us over in Bettie Bootcamp - both personally and professionally (writing wise).

We ended our month with a quote that should be shared with the entire 109 Bootcamp. It is an Ethiopian proverb that says so much about the strength, the benefit and the value of support groups like ours. (If indeed one can put a value on what Bootcamp has done.)

"When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion."
With six months of the year behind us, the Betties wish all of Bootcamp 109 (and our followers) ROAR-ing success for the remainder of the year.

(image courtesy of www.insideafricanart.com)


  1. Jenn your quotes have been an inspiration during the month. Yes the first six months have gone but a new six months of adventure starts.


  2. Jenn, I think you should be in charge of putting quotes on the blog at regular intervals to keep our spirits high! :-)

  3. Spirits! Did someone mention spirits? Oh looky...it's just gone 5pm. I'm off to get a few spirits with dry ginger ale - LOL. As for regular quotes, I'm sure I still have a few (hundred) left over from June. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Amazing how time flies, isn't it ladies? Lovely quote Jen.