Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bootcampers Take the Challenge

Bootcampers take the challenge. Yes, you guessed it we have a few crazy women from Bootcamp 109 taking the RWAustralia ‘50ks In 30 Days’ challenge. Also the Betties have the month of June were we are reporting back to Rachel and Dana on our goals.

The Betties reported during the week what our goals were for the month of June. Our writing goals and writing related goals. I have a feeling Rachel and Dana are going to make us accountable for what we have given them.

So here are my goals:
For the rest of MAY:
· Finish editing 'Rich Man' & continue to send chapters to CPs (on going)
· Finish editing 'Sex Me Up' (Spice Briefs) plus I need to add more words doesn't reach required word count yet. (done)
· Add 500+ words to 'Have a Happy Easter' (erotic novella/novel not sure how it will end up) (done)
· Write synopsis for all above plus other finished WIP waiting to be edited. (on going)

· Taking the 50/30 challenge, goal to write 50 to 75K in the month.
· Aim to finish: 'Have a Happy Easter' (erotic), 'Talk Dirty to Me' (erotic), 'Surrender' (sweet)

Writing Related Goals for June:
· Write query letters for 'Rich Man' & 'Sex Me Up'Do reviews for Fallen Angel Reviews (I have 7 novella/novels to read) plus Tracey O'Hara's 'Night's Cold Kiss' is on its way for me to read & review. (So looking forward to reading this one)
· Continue to do critiques for my CPs
· I'm thinking about doing a Margie Lawson on-line workshop.
· Continue to do nightly sprints with Diane & Tracey, plus whoever else turns up.

I have a busy month. And I LOVE IT.


  1. Wowzers Sandie. Glad the Bootcats don't have to report goals for June. With 50k in 30days happening, my goal list would be languishing. Good luck to you and the other Betties with your goals.

  2. My goodness Sandie, I'm just exhausted from reading this. Good luck with it all.

  3. I had a heart attack reading your goals! Lol.

    Good luck with it, Sandie, because I know you'll achieve it, you determined little thing :-)