Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Bootcamper Success!

We received the news yesterday that THREE of our Bootcampers achieved brilliant results in the RWA's Valerie Parv Award for 2009.
Jennifer McLeod achieved a score of 95%, Fiona Gregory a score of 92%, and Anita Joy a score of 91% - all amazing results in a highly contested competition (from what I understand, the Award received an unprecedented number of entries).
On behalf of the other Bootcampers, I'd like to congratulate the girls and say I'm not surprised they did so well. You did us proud, ladies!


  1. Shucks *blushing* Thanks Mon. Very happy with my result.

    I see that Fi has now put her hand up and admitted she got 92% - so another fantastic result for the bootcampers.

  2. I know! How good is that? Three gals over 90%. That's awesome.

    Boot-i-licious, ladies! He he he he.

  3. What can I say - Bootcamp did it. The same ms recieved 58% last year (yikes. The difference in my opinion - BOOTCAMP 109. Thank you fellow Bootcampers and presenters. YOU rock!

  4. Congratulations! What talent!
    I can't believe it's the same book, Jenn. Was it a substantial rewrite? If so, good on you. I would have given up. AMAZING!

  5. Congratulations to all three of you! Scoring over 90% says you're writing well. So keep at it!