Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No rest for the wicked...

Homework *gasp*. It's a frightening word at the best of times.

Bootcamp Homework *shriek*. Very scary term. Means doing work which will ultimately improve your writing, but involves revealing your writing to your fellow Bootcampers.

Part of the learning process is to let your work go and have others read it. I usually hate doing this. Competitions are great because the comments you get are anonymous, but in Bootcamp everyone knows who you are. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

I'm hoping everyone is comfy with this concept. It's been compared to getting your gear off and dancing naked in cyberspace, gleefully displaying your wonky bits and realising you may need to do some radical surgery to those wonky bits (thanks Nikki and Alison for the naked analogy!).

Well, Bootcamp is here to get us into shape so our manuscripts can strut their sleek, sexy stuff. I'm hoping by the time we finish we can apply what we've learnt to our work, and publishers will begging us for a piece of our hot mss (I was about to substitute 'a' for 'm', but thought I'd better not! Lol).

Just wanted to let my fellow Bootcampers know I'm just as pertrified as you. Huge hung Hughs to you all, and see you on Saturday! :-)


  1. Mon, it is hard to let go but I think it does get easier each time you open up to the idea. The fact that I have pretty honest CPs helps me through the fear of someone being honest about my work LOL.


  2. Hi Ladies

    Have not been able to get on for two days and I'm desperate to clarify the homework.

    Particularly Anne Gracie's and Valarie Parv, don't want to think I misinterpreted something. Tried to send a message the other day and it bounced back.


  3. Shell,

    Do you want to email me aside? Btw, I'm not sure if I have your email address to make you a contributor. If you can contact me, it would be great.


  4. I remember the homework well. And as time goes on you will feel more comfortable sharing your work.

    LOL about Nikki & Alison's nakit analogy.

  5. Hey Eleni,

    Yep, there's lots to think about, and the homework is very useful.

    Getting naked is soooooooo liberating!! I only wish I had bod like Angelina or something, then I could display my bits with confidence!! Lol.