Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day One of Bootcamping

We had our first day at Bootcamp yesterday and I have to say "Thank God we have a week until the next one." It was crazy, although I do believe we were all very well behaved. (Well most of the time), we had a few Huge Hugh moments or should I say Huge Hung Hugh LOL, this is just going to get better.

Anyway the day kicked off at 10am for we NSW gals which was cool, gave us time to get a few things sorted. Anne Gracie was fantastic, we will be kicking conflict in the butt by the end of this.

Dana ran us through a few OH&S exercises which I do believe will also be very good for my weight. A bend here a stretch there.

Then we had a chat with Christine Wells, what can I say but she is sweetheart and very giving with her advice.

The very cheeky Valerie Parv was after lunch and that was a riot, fantastic and learnt sooooo much about Romance Story Structure.

The was finished with Elizabeth Rolls and a very lively conversation on Show not Tell. I do believe I may just be getting a handle on that little problem.

So watch out everyone because we are working hard and in no time will be heading out into the big old world of publication. For now I have homework to finish.

See ya.

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  1. Hey Sandie,

    It was a busy day, and a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

    Huge hung Hughs to all! Lol. How good was his Oscars performance, btw? Yummo!

    :-) Mon