Monday, December 7, 2009

Bronwyn Parry's done it again

Can I be a bigger fan of Bronwyn Parry?

You may recall I had a little rave on this blog back in April after reading her debut novel, As Darkness Falls. I LOVED IT!

Having just this minute finished Dark Country, I can tell you her second novel is not twice as good.
It’s not three times or even four times as good.
It’s ten times as good – or more.
More uniquely Australian characters and settings, more fabulous imagery, more thoroughly researched plots and very believable obstacles for characters – Sgt Kris Matthews and ex-con Gil Gillespie – to find their way out of.

The clever way Bronywn tied, not only the complexities of this novel together, but also her weaving of details from As Darkness Falls, left me an author-in-awe.

As an author-in-waiting, I’ve heard this advice many times: “Create characters your readers will care about. Make your readers want to cheer.”

I finally understand what it means now. Bronwyn threw her characters so many holes to get out of I was about to make pom poms!
My dilemma right now though is, while I was so inspired to write after reading her first novel, after finishing Dark Country, I find myself languishing in a big black hole echoing with the words,
“You’ll never write something that good, Jenn.”
But I figure, just like Sgt Kris and her enigmatic ex-con, Gil, I will get out of the hole, I’ll go on believing in the possibility of publication, and I will find a happy ending – even if it’s just fiction!

Do yourself a favour and check out Bronwyn’s books.

PS Love the UK cover. Now come on with book 3, Bron. I'll have those pom poms ready to cheer on your next feisty female who is....?????)


  1. Jenn,
    Now I've got to go and buy it!

    If I compared myself to those authors I admire, I wouldn't write a thing.

    You know the saying: Comparisons are odious.


  2. Shayne - you must. I sat for 4 hours non stop to finish it with everyone under a threat of death if they interrupted me. Poor dogs had to cross thier legs and all. (PS NOw I have to go look up the word - odious!)

  3. Oh dang, Jenn,
    I have Dark Country here to read, but I know if I start I won't put it down and I'm having enough trouble getting my editing done. I'm saving Dark Country as my reward for finishing my edits.