Sunday, December 13, 2009

Looking Towards 2010

Do you set yourself goals each year? Last year I had my goals set and was eager to get started on them all. I would write at least my minimum word count each day religiously keeping track of my word written, then somewhere in the middle life stepped in and it all fell apart. Why? Because I did not add my life outside my writing to my agenda. Let’s face it; we all have other people in our lives that need our attention at some point during the day.

So, for 2010 I’m going to write up my goals with that in mind.

Here are my goals for 2010 (so far):

Write/edit at least five days a week.

Start writing day by 9am and write for five hours a day, taking small breaks regularly.

Have all completed WIPs edited by June.

Submit ALL edited WIPs to agents/publishers.

Do critiques on weekends. (when family are not around)

Have ‘Cruisin’ the Blog & Members’ News ready to go by the Friday of each week. (May need to add updates before the Sunday).

Have Bookshelf Saturday organised at least a week before due.

Be more active on RWAus e-loops.

Cut back on some other e-loops (again).

Finish getting RWAus Wikipedia article organised.

Update social networks twice a week.

Blog on a regular base, not all over the place.
Spend time with Hubby each evening.

Spend more time with family on weekends.

Spend one day a week with my Mum.

That will do for now, I’m sure I’ll add more as the year progresses.

What about you? Do you have your goals set for the year?



  1. Hi Sandie
    You're obviously incredibly organised. I liked the 'spend time with hubby'. It's so hard to squeeze men in to a full schedule!

  2. LOL, umm, no Shayne I'm not organised at all at the moment hence the goals & slotting in time for family. Sad isn't it when you have to slot in when your family can talk to you. LOL.


  3. Hey Sandie, you beat me. I was going to slip in a Merry Christmas post (as I'm not even up to thinking about 2010 yet, although I do like saying it - twenty-ten -- for some reason. Maybe it's an good omen. I limit my goal setting and my one over-riding one in 2009 was to get published. As that doesn't look like heppening, I'll transfer it to 2010 and keep plugging away.

  4. Hehehehe, yes well Jenn, I thought it was time I pulled my weight a bit on here. I'm holding over my submission goal until next year, I can't see that happening in the next few weeks. 2010 will be the year for us all, I'm sure.

  5. Great goals Sandie. I have my goals stuck on a wall above my desk, but they are more 2009/10 goals, as many of mine revolve around contests and conference.

    I also posted them on my blog, 'cause if they are public it gives me more reason to meet them ;)

  6. Oh, and Sandie, VERY jealous about the 5 hours a day to write!!!!!!!

  7. Shayne, I read the 'it's so hard to squeeze men' part and had a giggle. Oh, you mean into our schedules?! Um, okay! *wink*

    Glad to see everyone is thinking of their goals. My only goal is to get back into my writing in January. If I get that far, that's enough!

    Happy Christmas, everyone.

    :-) Mon

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