Thursday, July 30, 2009

All quiet on the western front...

The Bootcamp troops have been fairly quiet of late. Each camp is doing it's own exercises, and members are preparing for either the Brisbane conference or the Clayton's online conference.

Sandie and Anita are now also on assignment with the RWA web team (they can blame recruitment officer Wood for that one. Sorry, gals). Anita and I are also preparing covert operations for August, and I've decided to name us Clayton's Angels (we're nowhere near as hot as Charlie's variety, but we're craftier and can wield a red pen with great power! *slash*).

Our technologically advanced weapons are shiny (and new, in the case of Anita's digital camera! *wink*), and we're ready to strap on our boots in the name of Bootcamp. We'll representing you, and promise not to embarass you (!) like attack other delegates, scream "Hup, two, three, four" at passersby who aren't even attending the conference, or demand push ups from tired-looking delegates who've been partying all night and are falling asleep during sessions.

So, for a final roll call, Bootcampers, and other RWA members - who's going to be fatigued with their fatigues on in Brisbane, and who is doing Clayton's in fatigue-appropriate pyjamas?! Phew. What a mouthful!

:-) Mon


  1. Sharpening my lens as I write *wink*

    Can't wait - both conferences are going to be a hoot. Be great meeting everyone at Brissie conference, but the Clayton's girls get to go in their pj's!

  2. Oh oh watch out everyone the Clatyon's Angels are going to be on the loose soon!!

    Have fun which every conference you will be going to Bootcampers!

  3. I'm nervous... but looking forward to it.

    NO PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wooo hooo haaa haaa. There'll be photos, Shayne. Be afraid. Be very afraid!