Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Countdown to the Conference!

It's exactly one month until the Romance Writers of Australia's 18th National Conference. For members who aren't attending the Brisbane conference, that's four weeks until the Clayton's 'online' conference (Sandie will probably post some more info about this as it gets closer).

As you may already know, the Brissie conference sold out. So, for those of us attending, it's a matter of getting ourselves organised. That includes deciding what to wear (come on, it should be a priority!) and what to pack.

Well, the picture above is an idea of what to wear at the Friday night cocktail party (Arabian-inspired costume a must). During the day sessions, something professional or semi-professional should suffice (nice jeans and a coat would be fine, I gather?). The Awards dinner would be a semi-formal affair (I'm guessing) so an elegant outfit would do. I think I've covered everything in the clothing department?

Now, technology wise, I'll be lugging my laptop to Brissie, as well as my IntelliPen to take notes. The digital camera will be in my pocket (to catch all the inappropriate moments, so watch out!) and my mobile phone will be handy to text through all the news and gossip to the Clayton's team.

I hope I've thought of everything. I'm not kidding when I say I'll start packing in the next week or so. I like to be organised when I travel. I don't like leaving things behind, and it stresses me when I forget. I must also pack the headache tablets because I have a feeling I'll be a little worse for wear by the end of it all!

So what so you plan on bringing to the conference? Any essential items to help you make it through the weekend?

:-) Mon


  1. You are so organised Mon - I still haven't worked out one full outfit yet, so it might get scary, lol.

    And essential item, hmmmm, pre-cooked meals in the freezer for DH and kids.

  2. I would so NOT look like that in harem pants!!! I have my Claytons harem outfit ready tho (I believe it involves flannelette and fluffy slippers LOL)And there's sure to be no hangovers with Claytons wine - is that right Sandie???????

  3. Gee Mon, where did you get that picture of me. ROTFLMAO. I'm expecting lots of pics from those of you going to the conference so we left at home can see your outfits.

    Jenn, with Diane & RC helping out this year hangovers could be on the cards. We are not called 'The Topless Table Dancing Tarts' for no reason.

    And yes Mon, I shall do a post on the Clayton's in a week or so.

  4. LOL Mon. I used to pack weeks in advance whenever I went away, but since I have to take everything out of the case to double check I haven't forgotten anything (I do that at least three times a week and four times the day before I fly) I realised I was sort of wasting my time!!

    Can't wait to see all the pics of the conference. And I thought that was you modelling your outfit!!

  5. Hi Mon,

    Jenn is so right about those transparent harem pants. Not a good look! Mine are opaque, but still harem-scarem!

    And the packing. Gawd, night before and chuck it in. Arrive to find I've left behind about 10 essential items.

    I'd love to be organised like you, but sadly it's not in the genetic makeup.


  6. Ah, Anita, you're such a good wife and mummy! But I'll be raiding your cupboard to find suitable clothing for you to wear (be warned!), and dragging you to the conference with a wave goodbye to the family. They'll be fine.

    Jenn, I expect a picture of everyone in their PJs and fluffy slippers! Maybe there should be a competition for the craziest Clayton's outfit, or something!

    Sandie, you looked fabulous in that ensemble. That's why I had to post your pic *vbg*.

    Christina, you sound like me! the problem is despite all the prep, I always forget something!

    Shayne! Opaque, you say? You're game!!! Mine is made of solid material (brick? concrete?) so I won't be scaring the other guests with too much flesh. He he he he.

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. La, la, la, la, la, *dances around the room*.

  7. No one should see me in harem pants. Ewwwww. I still haven't organised anything for the conference. Less than a month now. Eeek! Though usually I'm abit like you Mon, I like to be prepared. I am getting it closer and closer to the date of travel now. Though I've had dreams where I'm traveling overseas and I have forgotten my passport!

  8. Eleni, I don't think harem pants look good on most people. They make me look like I've got big thighs, so I bought black in the hope they'd be flattering. Err, I failed ! Lol. I have a scarf to cover my face and pretend it isn't me with those hideous pants on.

    Thank heavens you don't need a passport for Brisbane. But maybe your dream is telling you something else? Maybe there's an OS trip in the horizon that you don't know about?

  9. I'm sure you will look good them Mon. After all you made a great Super Woman, right.

    LOL - re not needing the passport. I still have to remember some ID though. OS trip - I wish. Nope. My first trip in 4 years is to Brisbane for this conference and I'm really happy with that, especially since I haven't been to a conference since 2003.

  10. Aw, thanks Eleni. I'll look like Superwoman but with superginormous thighs :-)

    We're going to have a great time in Brissie. My brain is waiting at the airport right now.