Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Revamp

Just a quick note to let you all know I've done a quick update of the blog. Updated the colours and background, and now it looks rather snazzy!


:-) Mon


  1. Mon,
    It looks fantastic. Now all I have to do is write something on it.


  2. This is excellent. I revamp for a few old vamps (well, some older than others!!!) I feel a bit like this blog - revitalised, energisied, on drugs! (only joking, but I did have a paisley 60's moment. Everything old is new again.) Well done Mon. Hope to be back in posting mode real soon.

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  4. Yeah, Shayne, we need some fresh content. I plan on working on a post re the conference and catching up with Bootcampers, so will get that together shortly. Do you have any decent pics you could send me of you, Anita, Shell and I by any chance? Mine aren't so great. Also, the one with R would be fantastic (if yours turned out well because mine didn't - my mouth is hanging open in it! Lol.).

    Jenn, glad you like the changes. It is a bit of a throwback from the sixties, isn't it? I thought the swirls were rather romantic. Could also be interpreted as a bit trippy! You can have a play around with the site if you want as well. I need to rearrange the gadgets and fix a fex links as well. I was also thinking of a box with a summary of achievements since Bootcamp (i.e. comp successes, Little Gems, Lynne Wilding noms etc.) to show we're moving forward. Will look at that soon...

  5. Looking good Mon.

    I still haven't downloaded my photos 'cause I have a flat camera battery - but will get to it and send any on then.