Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Oh So Great, 109 Bootcampers

This week has seen some good no great news received news for a few of our Bootcampers. On top of her placing in the Emeralds Awards Jenn McLeod, along with Fiona Gregory and Shayne Sands (penname) will all have their short stories published in this year’s Little Gem Topaz anthology. Congratulations girls, well done, so very proud of you all.

These are the titles to look out for:

Fiona Gregory–Seize the Man

Jenn J McLeod–A Penny For Your Thoughts

Shayne Sands–Finders Keepers

Here’s a peak at the cover for the Little Gem Anthology 2010 Cover designed by bootcamper 101 Helen Katsinis.

Anita Mack is in for a very busy week shortly after being selected as one of lucky participants in the RWAustralia 5DI inaugural mentoring workshop. Anita will spend a week with seven other Category Romance Writers, being mentored by Lilian Darcy.

Other mentoring sessions to run over the week include Historical and Mainstream Romance mentored by Sophia James and Paranormal and Suspense romance mentored by Fiona Brand. The best of luck to all the participants.




  1. Thx for the post Sandie and Anita - that's excellent. Sounds exciting. Can't wait to hear all about it. Hint Hint!!!!!!

  2. Great post because I'm in it! Just joking... really...

    Enough about me, what about Anita's 5DI. I'm just waiting for Anita to get 'the call'.


  3. Wowee - that is great news isn't it. Congrats Fi, Jenn, Shayne, and Anita on your successes. Go Bootcampers!!!

  4. Aw shucks ladies, thank you. I'm so excited to be in 5DI - now the long wait until July :)

    I have to say how brilliant it is Jenn, Shayne and Fi that you are all in Little Gems - Bootcampers make up 20% of the anthology, Wahoo!

    I expect your autographs in my copy, so come to conference prepared (you are going to come now, aren't you Jenn, hinting right back at you *wink*).

  5. Hi all

    What a great week for the Bootcampers. I am so excited to be in such good company, and with such a lovely cover.