Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nano Cruelty

Still buoyed by my Bootcamp buddies (wow - I loooooove alliteration!) I decided to do Nano this year (that’s National Novel Writing Month for those who don’t know) and I have to say it’s been the most enlightening writing experience. I think it’s actually shown me the kind of writer I might be. To date I have struggled to define my writing style – plotter, pantser, character driven, plot driven, yudda, yudda. Now onto my third novel (yes hopefully I’ll actually sell one sometime), this writing-like-a-crazy-person is working for me (no fancy prose, no dialogue tags, etc – oh but I do manage the odd alliteration).

The cruel thing about Nano is that I recently scored myself some new books and I have no time to read them. (Thanks to Eleni Konstantine's Eleni-fest in October, I have Nikki Logan’s ‘Camera, Lights...Kiss the Boss’ and Anna Jacobs ‘Freedom Land’. I also recently got Janet WoodsThe Convict Woman’ and Erin Grace's ‘Secrets’. Plus I have just discovered (thx to Bronwyn Parry) Fleur MacDonald and Fiona Palmer – both Australian authors whose books look and sound amazing.

The cruelty is that I have sooooo many books I am dying to read, but no time until post Nano. Instead they sit stacked on my nightstand teasing me. By December I hope the break from my own work – 'A House For All Seasons' – will mean I can look forward to these great authors inspiring me when I do get back to phase two of my WIP – revising and editing (like adding ample alliteration – LOL)

PS. Re Nano - Surely I should get extra Nano points for actually including NaNoWriMo in my ms. Yep – decided one of my characters is going to do it. Gotta be worth a Nano brownie or two!!!!!


  1. Jenn
    What a wonderful worthy yet wordy blog post.

    I suck at alliteration!

    It sounds like you've found your voice.




  2. What a list of books you have tucked in your bookshelf! At least a worthy reward for completing Nano. And just because this is your post, Jenn, thought I'd mention new Nano'ers need no nagging 'cause enthusiasm gets you through ;o)