Thursday, September 10, 2009

6 months on...

It has been 6 months since we completed Bootcamp 109!

Time has flown by, and so much has happened in the interim:
- we've continued learning our craft, breaking into the Betties, the BootCats, and Fi and Neely joining in with the 101ers;
- we've participated in conference (both Clayton's and Brissie's Hot August Nights), in some cases meeting for the first time face-to-face;
- and we've had success stories - Mon and Fi making publication in the Little Gems and Sandie in RWNZ anthology.

Not bad for 6 months.

Ladies, raise your glasses to another 6 months of success, friendship and the pursuit of that ever elusive publication.


  1. Woo hoo - party!! Congrats on reaching the 6 month mark. isn't it a great feeling.

  2. Hi Anita
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Congrats to us all.


  3. Can't believe how fast this year has gone!

    I'm so glad I participated in Bootcamp. Everyone I met through the program is fantastic.

    Cheers, ladies!